Every curve is a mystery 

Yet to be revealed ...
Bare legs

The purity of smooth skin,wearing high heels to give that gorgeous and cheeky line to your bare legs


This satin aspect that magnifies your legs, the roundness accentuated and the pleasure of touching the forbidden fruit


The arrogance of women's shoes, these shapes sought to magnify their feet and high heels so noisy and devastating that give an approach often so captivating

Red Hot Shoes
Featuring Rose Red

Nicely curvy legs 

perched on sturdy heels

photo set
Showing her Chubby Milky legs
Lucy Fire Loves

Showing her chubby milky legs

photo set
flesh-colored stockings
Discover Mia Bella

Hosed and Soaked
wets her pantyhose and tears it

photo set
Deserved Punishment
Dominic takes no shit

She knows the power of her sublime amber legs

photo set

 - Behaviors - 

Why Do Men Find Women’s Legs So Alluring? by Leon F Seltzer Ph.D.
"Researchers have spent far less time studying men’s attraction to women’s legs than the typical man on the street devotes to gazing at them and maybe finding himself spellbound by them." Read more

timeline of men telling women what to wear

It doesn’t matter if you want to leave the house wearing a clown costume, a £4k Dolce & Gabbana abaya ... –

 what you wear is always your choice. 

 Or at least, it should be. Read more

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Here's an interview with Lorena Fernández Carrillo at the Women Independent Film Festival in L.A. Actors Company Theatre, West Hollywood. L.A. Dance of the Books won for Best Actress & Best Editing

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